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Advertising Is Your Largest Expense so Pick the Right Advertising Designer

Total Graphics Design recognises the importance of advertising design to a company’s bottom line.  Advertising budgets are usually one of the largest budgets in any business.  Advertising is the primary method of promoting products and the company’s worth to the general public and investors.  Every advertising dollar spent on advertisement design carries with it the requirement of a return on investment.  Great advertising graphic design can tie in your company branding and use it to promote the benefits of your new product or service.  Bad ad design services can damage a company’s reputation and even force small businesses to close.  Understanding that you have that much to risk in contracting for online advertising design, we strive to work hand in hand with your ad campaign developer or marketing staff until the advertisement design is to your liking.

Approaching the advertising as a team effort makes sense because a successful advertising design is a win-win for both our companies.  You profit from the advertisements increased sales revenue and we profit from satisfying a potentially repeat customer.  To that end we put our website and graphics designers together under a project management lead to execute the advertising design until completion.

our ad Design Services Are Available for Both Online and Offline Media

Advertising in both traditional print media and the online markets the Internet has to offer reaches the widest market share.  Our graphics designers can work in both mediums because much of our design work is done digitally so it can fit into both worlds.  Once the advertisement is completed, the digital proofs can be used as a magazine advertising design for printed media.  That same digital proof can be used to produce an online ad for display on your corporate web site or as an ad creative for an online affiliate program.  Repurposing ad campaign designs across the different mediums saves you money.  It also provides a faster turnaround in the design of ad concepts since the graphics designs are not completely redone for each advertising medium.

As with all of our services, we are happy to provide our advertising design service as part of a total graphics design package or separately depending on your business needs.  Either way our project management team will provide excellent ad design services from initial contact for the ad campaign until successful design delivery.

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