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Product Catalogue Design Links Business Design with Product Offerings

A product catalogue is a great way to both promote your business and increase sales.  A product catalogue design that compliments your corporate or business design themes and logo will instantly brand the products as available from you.  Physical catalogues distributed at exhibits and trade fairs help promote your company and products.  Distribution of your product catalogue through the mail post, depending on your market, will bring you sales in your immediate market area or even nationally.  All sound marketing and sales tactics with a professionally designed product catalogue.

Designing a catalogue involves a lot of coordination with your company’s product manager or expert.  Images of the products to be featured must be included as well as description copy.  All of this is framed by your corporate or business design elements to further your brand and marketing presence.  Using a product catalogue system for a print catalogue makes the alignment and presentation of the catalogue items easier, but the major work is in acquiring representative images and item descriptions for inclusion.  The effort on this part of catalogue preparation though is well spent as the images and copy can be imported directly into any number of online catalogue systems.

Showcase your Products with an online Product Catalogue

Total Graphic Design web designers have intimate knowledge of several online product catalogue systems that can be integrated seamlessly into your corporate web design.  Whether using an online product catalogue maker or even one of the many WordPress product catalogue systems, we can fully integrate your products for online viewing and purchase.  Repurposing the design elements of your corporate or business web site for use with the catalogue program, our designers can maintain your corporate presence throughout the viewing, ordering and payment routines associated with online catalogues.  Regardless of where the catalogue elements are located virtually, the consumer will appear to remain on your website throughout the experience.

Once the catalogue design elements are set for your online product sales, entry of the product images and description copy can begin.  To facilitate the input, our designers can train your staff in the input methods necessary to load the images and copy into your online catalogue application.  Once completed the task of product catalogue management can be transitioned to your product staff for entry completion and maintenance and updates.  As with all our products and services, Total Graphic Design can provide your with product catalogue design services as part of a package or separately.

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