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Put Your Company On Public Display With Trade Show Displays

Total Graphic Design provides design services for any organisation or company needing trade show displays or exhibition booth design.  Industrial exhibitions, trade shows and fairs provide opportunities for your company or organisation to get out front and identify your plans and products to potential consumers or trade partners.  Professionally designed pop up exhibition stands, booths and displays will attract visitors and potential partners without fail.  Trade show booth designs can be orchestrated to pack as compactly as necessary.  They can also be designed in graduated elements that can be chosen based on the exhibition or show space allotted for your trade show displays.

Our exhibition designer can provide companies and organisations in Sydney exhibition design services.  Services include designing the layout of the booth or display, a custom 3D exhibition design of your logo or trademark, graphic design elements incorporating posters or interactive presentations.  Our free initial consultation is designed to capture your ideas and requirements so we can develop the initial draft design concept for your approval.  Once approved, we can proceed with implementing the concept while working closely with your marketing department throughout the process.

Exhibition Booth Design Incorporates Many elements and Skills

Exhibition and trade show booth designs incorporate many different design elements and skill sets.  The exhibition designer must consider the architecture and layout of the booth.  Its layout will determine the construction materials necessary to provide stability and portability.  Carpentry and some minor construction skill is required to ensure the design can be easily setup and torn down.  Electrical components must be considered for the design as well for lighting placements or outlets for computers and electronic displays.  The final booth or display structure would incorporate your company or organisation logo and design themes.

Another consideration in exhibition booth design is the delivery your company or organisation message.  Our graphic designers can layout and design company posters identifying your goals and objectives for the future or some of your past successes.  Presentation of these posters can be on raised mounts for a more dynamic display.  If you want to present your message dynamically with flat screen slide presentations or video, the booth will have insets and mountings for the display.  Our graphics designers can work with your marketers to develop the screen presentation and video messages.  Total Graphic Design can help bring your trade show display to life.


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