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Point of Sale Design – A Final Opportuinty to Make a Sale

Point of purchase displays and point of sale (POS) marketing are aimed at making a product or service sale just as the customer is about pay for their other purchases.  The point of sale material is strategically placed at the point the customer has their wallet or credit card out and ready to pay.  If your POS designs are working effectively, the consumer believes there is a benefit in purchasing the product right then and there.  If your POS designer was successful in developing the material for the right market then you will get sales.  If not then your point of sale marketing must be revamped to make the sale.

Point of sale design must attract the attention of the buyer, usually with an instant benefit provided by the item or items for sale.  Ideally the point of sale product itself would be small and easy to carry in a pocket or a purse.  Gift cards are profitable items at the point of sale because they come in various dollar amounts.  Point of sale material could also include free brochures about your services or product catalogues.  While the sale won’t be made at that time, the potential exists for a future purchase.  Regardless of the product or item you are making available at the POS, the point of sale signs must attract the buyer’s eye.

As with All Graphic DEsigns POS Designs Must Visually Attract

Like posters and flyers and print advertising, point of sale graphic design must tie your corporate or business identity into the overall design.  The likelihood of a sale increases at the point of sale if your graphics design is recognized visually as a business providing quality products and services.  Once again it becomes important to tie this graphic design for a POS into the overall business or corporate graphic design theme and logo.  Total Graphic Design can provide POS designs that leverage your company branding efforts at the register.

Can a POS solution transfer to an online shopping environment?  Yes in a way, it can, many online cart systems can allow a sale offer to be inserted into the online sale process just before the consumer checks out.  In Internet marketing this is called an “up sell” as opposed to POS material, but the intent is the same.  Instead of graphics being called on to make the sale though, the sales copy for the up sell must do the job.


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