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Signage Design Is Critical If you Want your Company found

There are two goals to be achieved with sign designs for businesses and organisations.  The first goal of any sign really is to inform the reader.  Inform the reader about the name and location of your business or organisation.  Signage designers can do this graphically with your organisation’s logo or by placing your organisation’s name in stylised text with legible fonts.  The location or tagline for your organisation would of course be text based.  Any signage designs would of course have to be designed in accordance with any local government rules on signage.

Our signage designers can tie your company or organisation logo and design themes into your sign’s design.  Perfect for the other goal signs can achieve, advertising for your company or organisation.  Your sign can provide advertising of your company’s address or location and make your offices easier to locate.  Once your sign is completed the same or similar design can be used to advertise in telephone directories, travel directories and business listings for the local area.

The Best Signage Design Is Simple And Informative

Simple signage design takes into account the size and location of the sign first.  An exterior sign must be big enough to be seen as well as possible from its positioning. The size of the sign will determine the correct lettering sizes to use in the design.  Restaurant signage design, for example, must take into account exterior positioning, pedestrian flow and vehicular traffic flow.  These factors determine how long a potential consumer has to actually look at your sign and will provide the designers with important information.  Potential signage obstructions must also be considered when looking at placement of the finished product.

The message your signage conveys must be simple and focused on a single idea. Your sign will only be viewed for a short time so the signage designers must try to make a first and lasting impression to attract the consumer.  Your primary message should be short, just a few words to grab your customer’s attention.  Your company logo and tagline may be enough to get your message across.

At Total Graphic Design, our signage designers will work with your marketing director to develop that singular thought or message you want to convey with your signage design.  After the concept is decided upon we can develop several different signage designs from which you can choose the most effective.


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