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Domain Name Registration Australia

Your domain is the name and address of your website.  All websites have an address, such as www.example.com.  In order to claim the address for your website, you need to register it.  That way, nobody else can use it.  That’s the process of domain name registration Australia.

Common Pitfalls from Choosing Cheap Domain Name Registration Australia

What are the dangers of choosing the wrong domain name registration Australia?  The biggest danger is losing your entire website.  Typically, cheap internet domain registration services will offer you a deal to give you the domain you want at a very low price.  However, the cheap price usually only registers your domain for one year.  If you don’t respond fast enough after the first year is up, someone else will register your website under their name and claim it for themselves.  To get it back you’ll end up paying an exorbitant fee.  Essentially, they hold your domain hostage.

There are many companies whose sole business is buying and selling domain names.  While most of their activity is legitimate, some unscrupulous companies work to immediately claim expired domain names.  You don’t want to surprised later on because you didn’t use authoritative AU domain name registration.  Total Graphic Design works to keep your domain registered and protected from others taking it.  That way, the business you get from the internet is safe for years to come.

Why Use Total Graphic Design for Your Domain Name Registration Australia?

So now, you know what domain name registration is and why you need it.  Let’s continue on to why Total Graphic Design is your best bet for domains and affordable website hosting in Australia.  While you have many different options for AU domain names and website hosting service, we are able to provide you with something the others cannot.  Our expertise in website design, web development, and internet marketing gives us a different perspective.  We’re oriented to best provide you with domain name registration Australia that best supports your business goals.

Total Graphic Design can help you stay connected and protected.  We ensure your website continues to function every day.  You won’t need to worry about unexpected surprises later down the road.  That is why you should choose us for your domain name registration Australia.

To get started simply click the “contact us” button at the top of this website.  You’ll receive a free fixed-priced quote.  Plus, you can also discover complimentary website hosting services we can provide for your business online.  So get started today.


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